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    Joshua Aidan Dunn

    BA, Religious Studies, Stanford

    I am a former Admissions Officer at Stanford University. I worked in Stanford's Office of Undergraduate Admission in various capacities from 2010-2014. I am excited to work with InGenius, doing what I liked best about my Stanford job: working with aspiring college students.

    As a nontraditional community college transfer student, my admission to Stanford was a life-changing opportunity. During my time as a student there, I was awarded several grants to pursue independent research projects, studied abroad on three continents, had two interfaith fellowships, was actively involved with public service on campus, was an officer for Stanford American Indian Organization, and graduated with honors in Religious Studies.

    I love helping students learn, whether I'm mentoring high-schoolers or transfer students through their college application processes, leading the Student-Initiated Course that I taught at Stanford ("LGBTQ Perspectives on Religion and Spirituality"), or teaching moccasin-making to groups of community members.

    As an admissions professional, I enjoy working with students to help them clearly articulate and showcase their talents and passions, dispelling myths about the college admissions process, and helping students plan for their futures. It is a great honor to have students trust me with their dreams, hopes, and aspirations, and I am thrilled to play a role in helping them get to the next step of their journeys.

    In my free time I enjoy gardening, beadwork, camping, road trips, and going to powwows.